Webber on Worship: Vol I

Webber on Worship: Vol I

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Author: Robert E. Webber

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 108

Publisher: Worship Leader

Release Date: 2012-07-12

Details: A one-of-a-kind learning experience with the potential to transform you…and your worshiping community, Webber calls you to explore, restore, renew, question, think, serve, love, pray…and live a renewed life of worship in Christ.

Robert Webber serves as a friendly, knowledgeable and engaging tour guide through theology, the arts, culture, communication, ancient-future worship, history, and so much more in this pithy and engaging series of essays on worship.

Webber encourages us to learn about God in every way, and by all means, gently, yet firmly reminding us that Worship is more than music, more than a well organized liturgy, more than a good sermon: “Worship is the gospel in motion. It proclaims and enacts the victory of Christ over the powers of evil; the Holy Spirit delivers the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ; and we in turn extol and glorify God as we receive (present tense) the continuous gift of God's healing presence in worship.”

Worship Leaders are the avatars of new music. Yet, worship is more than simply creating, producing and singing new music, it is connecting with the New Song of heaven, with Christ himself through all available means: silence, song and symbol; Scripture, preaching and prophecy; communion and community…and beyond. Bob Webber brings clarity to the difference between new music and New Song and ignites the renewal we seek in today’s Church.