Worshiping Through Grief

Worshiping Through Grief

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Author: Chuck Smith Jr

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 103

Publisher: Worship Leader Partnership

Release Date: 2013-02-25

Details: How do we face terrible loss, overwhelming grief? Where is God in the sorrow we experience? How do we receive comfort and extend comfort to others in authentic, sensitive and practical ways? How do we fulfill our calling as leaders, but not forget our calling as friends, family members, and reflections of Christ in his world. The women and men—parents, wives, husbands, children and friends—who have told their stories and shared their personal losses and devastation as well as their healing insight and wisdom in this book are an amazingly diverse collection of Christians. They comprise some of the seminal leaders of the Jesus Movement; the most esteemed pastors, teachers and exemplars of worship; award-winning artists and songwriters, college presidents, leading evangelists, and hidden prophetic intercessors and missionaries. There are those who are currently enduring struggles or battling relentless disease, those who have experienced inexpressible pain and loss over a lifetime, and those who’ve risked their lives in the midst of danger and uncertainty. Their experience of the unanswerable questions surrounding grief and God’s presence in “the valley of shadows” helps those of us who are part of leading worship in whatever capacity to wade through our own seasons of grieving—that may at times seem endless—to receive the love and comfort of both a faithful God and our believing community, and to be able to extend that healing, at the right time, with sensitivity and true empathy to others lost in the dark unknowing.

The choir of comfort assembled here includes:

Randy Alcorn
Jonathan Allen
Warren Anderson
Jeremy Armstrong
Steve Berger
Carla Brewington
Steven Curtis Chapman
Richie Fike
Melody Green
Kenn Gulliksen
Andrea Hunter
Greg Laurie
Gordon MacDonald
Martin E. Marty
Brian McLaren
Hughes Oliphant Old
Randy Phillips
Dr. Mark D. Roberts
Dr. Lester Ruth
Davin Seay
Chuck Smith, Jr.
Tim Timmons
Darlene Zschech